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Julian Edelman wasn't always fearless

The Patriots' Julian Edelman speaks with members of

The Patriots' Julian Edelman speaks with members of the media during a news conference Wednesday ahead of Super Bowl LIII against the Rams in Atlanta. Credit: AP/Matt Rourke

Julian Edelman is fearless on the football field, as he’s willing to go across the middle and take hard hits. But there was a time that the Patriots wide receiver was afraid of things.

Edelman said that when he was a little kid the character Chucky from the movie Child’s Play always frightened him, and that’s not all.

“Chucky. I was pretty scared of it,” Edelman said. “My brother used to scare me with that. I was terrified of that. That and I was kind of scared dogs. I was bit by a dog once. If it wasn’t my dog I wasn’t really messing with it. You’re a little kid, try to go touch a dog, get bit...I was scared of dogs.

“Dogs and Chucky and Carnies. Carnies always scared me too.”

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