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Giants, Jets would rather be playing instead of hosting

The Broncos are using the Jets' facilities and

The Broncos are using the Jets' facilities and the Seahawks are occupying the Giants' facilities at their New Jersey stadium. Credit: AP

Denver Broncos cornerback Marquice Cole, a former Jet, is back in his old office this week.

Kyle Wilson's office, that is.

Cole and the Broncos are using the Jets' practice facility in Florham Park to prepare for Super Bowl XLVIII. The NFC champion Seattle Seahawks are borrowing the Giants' facility at MetLife Stadium.

How would you like it if you were kicked out of your office for the best week of the year? For cornerback Wilson and the rest of the Jets and Giants, it's a little weird -- and a little bittersweet.

Our local gridiron men would prefer to be playing in the Super Bowl. Instead, Wilson had to look at a photo text from Cole showing him how the Broncos have taken over the Jets' spacious locker room.

"I think they gutted the lockers!" Wilson said Tuesday at an NFL Play 60 event at Skillman School in Long Island City. "I was there the past couple of weeks and they've been preparing it and cleaning up. They've been stripping it down. Obviously, they can't have any Jets logos. You look forward to a couple of weeks from now when you know it will be looking back to the way it should."

Giants linebacker Spencer Paysinger, who has many friends on the Seahawks, said he's not sure who has his locker.

"They took the nameplates off," Paysinger said. "I can imagine ironically it's probably one of my friends who has the locker."

Giants long snapper Zak DeOssie said he hopes his locker is being used by Seattle's long snapper Clint Gresham, but he's not sure, either.

"I was wondering about that earlier," DeOssie said. "I have the corner locker. It's pretty good real estate. Maybe their long snapper if they want continuity? I've got to look into that. Find out who it is."

The local players were big hits at Tuesday's event. DeOssie showed off his long-snapping skills and got the kids fired up by yelling, "Omaha!" in imitation of Peyton Manning's popular pre-snap call. Paysinger was hoarse from all the cheerleading he was doing. Wilson posed for picture after picture.

It made the players feel like part of the Super Bowl experience. A little.

"It's good to be part of it, even if you're not in the game," DeOssie said. "It's fun to be here in our home city and really see how excited everyone is about the whole thing."

Said Wilson: "It's fun. It's different. We'd like to be part of the Super Bowl -- but for a different reason."

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