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Owen Daniels probably forecasts a Super Bowl 50 victory

Denver Broncos' Owen Daniels takes pictures as

Denver Broncos' Owen Daniels takes pictures as he is introduced during Super Bowl 50 Opening Night on Monday, Feb. 1, 2016, in San Jose, Calif. Credit: AP / David J. Phillip

SAN FRANCISCO — Plenty of players want to get into television when they retire. For most of them, the idea is to become a sports announcer or analyst.

Broncos tight end Owen Daniels wants a different discipline.

He wants to be your weatherman.

“I don’t want to work too hard anyway when I’m done,” he told reporters on Monday at Super Bowl Opening Night. “I want to play a couple more years . . . I do want to work in weather in some capacity when I’m done. I’ve been trying my best the last couple of years to get my foot in the door and get out there and do some forecasting for home games and stuff like that. It’s been a lot of fun for me. I spent a ton of time on that in college, so I kind of want to put that degree to work when I’m done.”

It’s true. Daniels has spent just as much time studying barometric pressure as quarterback pressures, warm fronts as defensive fronts. At the University of Wisconsin, he majored in atmospheric and oceanic studies. He has appeared on The Weather Channel along with local news telecasts.

Naturally, Daniels has been keeping an eye on the weather for Sunday and Super Bowl 50.

“I want perfect weather, exactly what’s forecasted,” he said. “Couldn’t ask for anything better than what we’re looking at for Sunday. I know a week ago there was rain in the forecast. Things change as you get closer to the day. I’m glad we’re having great weather.”

That hasn’t always been the case in California, which has experienced some wacky weather this winter because of El Nino.

“It’s been interesting,” he said. “The whole El Nino thing coupled with climate change stuff, it’s an exciting time if you’re in weather. Things are changing, they’re less predictable than they might have been. Just crazy things going on.”

He hopes there won’t be anything too crazy on Sunday.

“El Nino,’’ he said, “can take a backseat this weekend.”

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