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Super Bowl LIII buzz: What about the White House for the Rams?

Rams head coach Sean McVay speaks during a

Rams head coach Sean McVay speaks during a news conference Tuesday in Atlanta, ahead of Super Bowl LIII. Credit: AP/John Bazemore

BUCKHEAD, Ga. — Winning a championship of any kind these days comes with a big decision: Will you or won’t you visit the White House? In recent years teams have handled that question in various ways, and some have not even been invited or had their invitation rescinded. The Patriots have a good relationship with President Donald Trump, so if they win they’re likely to be feted in Washington at some point. But if the Rams win the Super Bowl on Sunday, they could be faced with an option.

It’s one they have not yet discussed.

“If we’re fortunate enough to win this game then we’ll talk about what’s next with regards to those steps,” Rams coach Sean McVay said. “The luxuries and some of the opportunities that will be presented as a result of winning that are things we’ll have to filter through as an organization after this.”

Of course, no one gets a White House invitation to accept or decline for finishing second.

“The first thing,” McVay said, “is we have to win this game.” — Tom  Rock

Journeyman Cooks

Brandin Cooks has been on the move the past two offseasons. The former first-round pick of the Saints was traded to the Patriots before the 2017 season, then traded to the Rams ahead of the 2018 season. It doesn’t sound like he needs to worry about relocating this year.

“Love that guy and you can’t say enough good things about Brandin Cooks,” Rams coach Sean McVay said on Tuesday. “And I can promise you this: We’re not trading him.”

Cooks has had at least 1,000 receiving yards and six touchdowns in each of the past four seasons, which makes it strange that teams are so willing to part ways with him. Both the Saints and Patriots received first-round picks as compensation, so Cooks took the trades as compliments. He also appreciates the chance to have played with Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and now Jared Goff as his quarterbacks.

"Every single time I was moved to a special team, and for a first-round pick, so it wasn't hard at all for me,” he said of being passed around the NFL. “There is no doubt in my mind that I've been blessed to play this game at a high level.” — Tom Rock

Brady on LeBron

Tom Brady said he and LeBron James are “similar” athletes. Brady was kidding of course.,

But Brady was asked about James, the Lakers’ superstar who has appeared in eight straight NBA Finals and nine overall. Brady is making his third straight Super Bowl appearance and ninth overall.

They both have incredible wills to win and the ability to lead their teams, but the similarities end there. James is one of the best athletes in NBA history. No one has ever suggested Brady is, but he is one of the greatest winners in NFL history — maybe the greatest.

We’re similar athletes LeBron and I,” Brady said with a smile on his face. “Both great size and speed, jumping ability, shooting, not quite. No he’s a much better athlete than me.”

There is the ongoing debate of whether Brady is the greatest quarterback or player in NFL history. James is in a similar debate in NBA history. Right now, though, Brady has five rings and James three. — Al Iannazzone

Belichick selfie

Bill Belichick seemed to be in a good mood at his Super Bowl news conference Tuesday, but he drew the line when a Boston radio reporter asked if he could take a selfie with him.

The man posed it as “a unique question,” to which Belichick responded, “Great.” But then the reporter asked if he could “come up there” and take a selfie. Belichick smiled, and said, “Yeah, we’ll get that later, all right.”

The reporter the asked if he could just stand in front of the podium and Belichick could wave. A moderator ended it there and said, “next question.” — Al Iannazzone

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