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Super Bowl 2021 predictions by Newsday staff members

A man is reflected in the Lombardi Trophy

A man is reflected in the Lombardi Trophy at the NFL Experience Thursday, Feb. 4, 2021, in Tampa, Fla. The city is hosting Sunday's Super Bowl football game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel) Credit: AP/Charlie Riedel


Kansas City, 31-24

MVP: Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes is just too good and will find a way to slice the Bucs’ defense. It won’t be easy, not with Tampa’s vibrant pass rush, but Mahomes will take advantage of even the slightest weakness. Tom Brady will have his moments, but Steve Spagnuolo will scheme up the Kansas City defense as he did with the 2007 Giants.


Kansas City, 31-27

MVP: Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes outduels Tom Brady, becoming the first player since Terry Bradshaw to be Super Bowl MVP in back-to-back years.


Tampa Bay, 31-27

MVP: Shaq Barrett

Patrick Mahomes can run, but he won’t be able to hide from the Bucs’ pass rush with Barrett and Jason Pierre-Paul bearing down on him through a makeshift offensive line. JPP leads the NFL with seven fourth-quarter sacks this season. Kansas City still has plenty of playmakers and will score points, but Tom Brady will have better protection than Mahomes, a better running attack and be able to make the big plays at the end.


Tampa Bay, 21-20

MVP: Tom Brady

Todd Bowles will find a way to slow down Patrick Mahomes & Friends long enough for Tom Brady to work his magic.


Kansas City, 34-20

MVP: Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes and the defending champs are on a mission to "run it back" and the Bucs won't be able to hold that explosive offense down for four quarters. The season ends the same way it began: A 34-20 win in prime time for Kansas City.


Kansas City, 34-27

MVP: Patrick Mahomes

Best quarterback in the game beats best quarterback of all time.


Kansas City, 31-27

MVP: Patrick Mahomes

Tom Brady will make it a close one, but in the end, the Bucs won't have an answer to Mahomes, Tyreek Hill and that high-octane KC offense.


Kansas City, 31-28

MVP: Patrick Mahomes

Tom Brady puts on his usual Super Bowl clinic and the Bucs’ defense gets pressure early, but you can’t keep Mahomes and his high-powered offense down for too long.

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