Super Bowl LI averaged 111.3 million viewers on Fox on Sunday night, a massive television audience by any standard but smaller than the previous three Super Bowls.

It averaged 45.3 percent of homes, also a number no other event on American television can approach but smaller than recent figures for the big game. The previous six Super Bowls surpassed 46.0 ratings.

The biggest average audience for a Super Bowl remains the 114.4 million that watched the Patriots beat the Seahawks two years ago.

Lady Gaga’s halftime show averaged 117.5 million viewers, the fourth year in a row and fifth time in six years that the halftime show outdrew the game itself.

Although this year’s game featured the first Super Bowl overtime, in which the Patriots completed a comeback from a 25-point deficit to win, 34-28, the audience likely was dampened by what appeared through 2 ½ quarters to be a blowout.

Measuring Super Bowl audiences is notoriously difficult, given how many people watch in large groups, at the homes of friends or relatives or in public gatherings.

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Fox said an additional 1.72 million viewers watched the game via online streaming, and that 650,000 watched the Spanish-language telecast on Fox Deportes.

Pittsburgh and Buffalo, two cities without a team in the game, led the ratings race among the 56 major markets that Nielsen measures, at 57.9 percent and 57.2 percent of homes, respectively.

Atlanta was third at 57.0, Providence was seventh at 54.6 and Boston eighth at 54.3.

New York ranked 47th at 46.6. Miami was last at 37.8.