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Super Bowl LI: Kurt Warner says Falcons’ offense not as good as ‘Greatest Show on Turf’ Rams

Former NFL quarterback and TV football analyst Kurt

Former NFL quarterback and TV football analyst Kurt Warner at the NFL's opening game of the 2016 season on Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016 in Denver. Credit: AP / Ric Tapia

HOUSTON — Kurt Warner said he sees why people would make the comparison between the Falcons and the high-powered offense he brought to two Super Bowls with the Rams.

“I think it’s very similar just from what they like to do, how they attack, the number of weapons they have, the nature of how they play the game,” Warner, now an NFL Network analyst, said on Thursday. “They’re very similar.”

But . . . ?

“I’m still gonna tell you that the collection of talent that we had with the Greatest Show on Turf is second to none,” he said. “I don’t know if we’ve ever seen a collection like that . . . I liken it a lot to our group. I just still think our group was probably more talented.”

The Falcons this season averaged 33.8 points and 415.8 yards per game. The 1999 Rams that won the Super Bowl averaged 32.2 points and 400.7 yards per game. In 2001, when the Rams went back to the Super Bowl, they averaged 31.4 points and 418.1 yards per game.

So statistically, the Falcons win.

But Warner went down the list to make his case.

“They have Julio [Jones], he’s our Ike Bruce,” Warner said. “But they don’t have the Torry Holt and they don’t have the Ricky Proehl. They have good players, but they don’t have those guys. Yeah they have the two backs [Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman] and maybe the two backs together equal a Marshall Faulk.

“I just think we were more talented than they are.”

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