HOUSTON — Malcolm Butler has scoured plenty of game tapes, meticulously noting techniques and tendencies. The Patriots cornerback has studied the moves and instincts of other defensive backs, including Deion Sanders, Patrick Peterson, Richard Sherman, Asante Samuel and Shawn Springs.

But there’s one guy in particular who helped Butler hone his craft: Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Butler, 26, paused for a moment Wednesday when asked which cornerback he’s drawn the most knowledge from. But it didn’t take long before he name-dropped his former teammate.

“Probably Darrelle Revis because I played with Darrelle Revis. I watched him practice personally,” Butler said. “I watched his tapes. So I’ll say Revis.”

Before rejoining the Jets in March 2015, Revis played one year in New England, capping it with a 28-24 win over the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX.

Butler became a household name in that game thanks to one heads-up, career-defining play, his goal-line interception of a Russell Wilson pass with 20 seconds to play. His quick thinking not only preserved the victory, but it also led to Butler’s emergence as a shutdown corner in his own right.

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According to him, being around Revis helped him improve his game. “Practicing with him, I would watch him then,” said Butler, who was a rookie reserve the last time the Patriots were in the Super Bowl. “Before I got into the league I was watching him. He’s a great player.

“He does it all. He practices hard, he helps the younger guys out — of course he helped me out. He’s just a great guy who just wants to go out there and win and be a productive player.”

Revis, however, is no longer a shutdown corner, and he’s received much criticism for his declining play and his $17-million salary in 2016. This season he recorded one interception (a career low) and only five passes defensed. But Butler still has plenty of respect and admiration for him. Asked if he thinks the criticism of Revis is unfair, he said: “I’m a fan of his. I’m a big fan. Most definitely learned a lot (from him).”

Butler will need to use all of the tips and techniques he’s gleaned from watching other cornerbacks on Sunday against the Falcons’ high-powered offense, featuring star receiver Julio Jones. Asked this week if anyone can cover him one-on-one, Jones replied: “One-on-one? No, I do not.”

It remains to be seen if Butler will even line up on Jones or whether he’ll be used primarily on the No. 2 receiver, but he didn’t appear fazed by the challenge of stopping Jones. “There’s no excuses,” Butler said. “This is the job we signed up for. It is what it is, you’ve got to go out and play good football.”

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A few years ago, few fans outside of New England knew his name. But now that he’s back on the Super Bowl stage, Butler is out to prove he’s more than just that interception guy.

After the Patriots won the Super Bowl, Butler’s role increased “a lot. Came back, I was a starter. A lot of players left. You have to step up. If you’re going to be a starter, you have to produce. And I’m glad I’ve been able to do that.”