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Super Bowl LI: Prop bets get wackier each year

US singer-songwriter Luke Bryan responds to questions

US singer-songwriter Luke Bryan responds to questions during the Super Bowl LI Pregame Show press conference at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, 02 February 2017. Bryan will sing the national anthem. Super Bowl LI will be played at NRG Stadium on 05 February between the NFC Champions Atlanta Falcons and the AFC Champions New England Patriots. Credit: EPA / LARRY W. SMITH

Las Vegas sports books only allow exotic Super Bowl prop bets that involve things that happen in the game, and what’s the fun in that?

Fortunately, books based outside the U.S. are happy to send along propositions involving everything from the length of the national anthem to the color of the Gatorade.

A publicist for Bovada Sports, one of the most active players in this game, shared some recently, and offered journalists a peek at another 20 pages’ worth upon request.

Not only that, but he invited journalists to invent their own ideas and have oddsmakers try to set odds to fit them. Umm . . . how about the odds that Lady Gaga and Bill Belichick agree to switch jobs for the evening?

Among the perennial offerings is the length of the national anthem, this year to be sung by Luke Bryan. The over / under is 2:09, and yes, Bryan said, he is well aware that it is a subject of interest to gamblers.

Bryan said at his news conference Thursday that friends, family and “people that I don’t even know walking down the street” have sought inside information from him.

Bryan, who grew up in Georgia, will root for the Falcons.

Other prop bets include:

  • What will Luke Bryan wear when he starts singing the anthem? Blue jeans, 1/2; any other pants or shorts, 3/2.
  • Will Luke Bryan be wearing a hat when he sings the national anthem? Yes, 7/5; No, 5/9.
  • Will any players be seen kneeling during the national anthem? Yes, 3/2; No, 1/2.
  • How many times will “Trump” be said on TV during the game portion of the Fox telecast? Over/under, 1 ½.
  • Who will Donald Trump pick? Patriots, 1/10; Falcons, 11/2.
  • How many times will “Matty Ice” be said during the game portion of the telecast? Over/under, 2.
  • How many times will Giselle Bundchen be shown on TV during the game broadcast? Over 1 ½, 11/10; Under 1 ½, 2/3.
  • Will the word “lacrosse” be said on TV during the game telecast? Yes 1/3 ; No 2/1.
  • What color liquid will be poured on the winning coach? Clear, 3/1; lime/green, 3/1; orange, 3/1; yellow, 3/1; red, 6/1; blue, 15/2; purple, 12/1.
  • What song will Lady Gaga play first during the halftime show? “Born This Way,” 9/4; “Bad Romance,” 5/2; “Edge of Glory,” 6/1; “Poker Face,” 10/1; “Just Dance,” 10/1; any other song, 11/10.
  • Will the teams combine to score a record 76 or more points? Yes, 11/2; No, 1/10.
  • Will the game go to overtime? Yes, 15/2; No, 1/15.
  • Favorite to win MVP: Tom Brady, 7/5; Matt Ryan, 5/2; Julio Jones, 9/1.
  • Total passing yards for Matt Ryan: Over/under, 310 ½.
  • Total passing yards for Tom Brady: Over/under, 310 ½.
  • What will be higher? Patriots points scored, 5/7; Russell Westbrook points scored, 1/1.
  • What will be higher? Matt Ryan TD passes or total goals in Leicester vs. Manchester United game.

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