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Surprise surprise: Eli picks Peyton to win the Super Bowl

Former Saints quarterback Archie Manning is pulling for his son, Peyton, to win the Super Bowl over his old team, so it should come as no surprise that Eli is pulling for his big brother, too.

“No problem, no question about it,” the Giants’ quarterback said during an interview this morning at the Gatorade Performance Lab in the Super Bowl XLIV media center. “I’ve been cheering for the Colts and Peyton for the last 12 years. It goes back to high school when he first started playing for the Colts. And having been in the NFL six years myself and having played against the Saints a few times, you kind of quickly lose your home-team loyalty in a sense when you start playing for another NFC team.”

Prediction? “Colts 31, Saints 24.”

Peyton as MVP? “Sure. Why not?”

Eli did pay homage to his hometown team, the Saints, and said he understands why it’s important for the team and the city, which was battered by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

“Obviously, it’s big for the city of New Orleans and I’m excited for that aspect,” Manning said. “And I know New Orleans has gone through a lot with Katrina in losing a year at the dome, opening up the dome a few years ago and then coming back and making their first Super Bowl. So from that sense, I guess I’m excited for New Orleans.”

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