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Tampa Bay Buccaneers unveil new uniform

Tampa Bay Buccaneers' new uniform

Tampa Bay Buccaneers' new uniform Credit: Twitter/@TBBuccaneers

We’ve come a long way from creamsicles. Or have we?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the team that once played in bright orange uniforms considered to be among the ugliest in NFL history, are continuing their tradition of gaudiness with a new look unveiled Monday morning.

Nike helped the Bucs develop the fashion statement that includes a blending of the pewter and red from recent years with a touch of “bay orange” in the trim as well as an enlarged logo on the now black helmet. The look is more reminiscent of the uniforms worn in the short-lived XFL than anything the Bucs have worn recently.

The team’s website called it “a new design that honors the Buccaneers’ rich tradition while boldly bringing the team into the future through a modern industrial design aesthetic.”

The Bucs also unveiled a secondary logo: “a powerful wooden ship fueled by wind-filled sails.”

Hey, two years ago Nike redesigned the Seahawks’ uniforms and we all thought it was garish with day-glow colors and funny looking streaks. Those unis looked pretty good in the Super Bowl, though.

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