Texans owner Bob McNair said the team knew that linebacker Brian Cushing had what he called "an issue" related to a positive test for a banned performance enhancing drug. But the owner said he felt the team should have been kept more in the loop about the situation as the appeals process went on.

Cushing (pictured) was suspended for the first four games of the 2010 season for taking a banned substance.

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"The club is left completely out of the loop on that," McNair told the Associated Press about the lack of information provided during the appeals process. "We're not even notified. It's the league and the player and the players' union. All we know is what's been announced at this point in time." 

McNair added that "Brian had mentioned that he had an issue there, but we don't know what any of the details are, we don't know what doctors he may have consulted with, we don't know what evidence the league might have had ... which is a very bad position to be in because we're the guy that's got the investment in the player." 

The NFL had no immediate comment on McNair's statement. And while we sympathize with McNair being in a tough spot because of the lack of information, we think he should place a good deal of the blame on Cushing himself. McNair didn't specify when Cushing informed the team of his situation. Was it at the time of the positive test last September? Was it when he underwent the appeal, which he lost? Was it when he was notified of the suspension last week? 

McNair needed Cushing to be up front, and we're not sure what the player told the team and when he said it.

In the meantime, the Texans are left to deal with the fallout, and will be without one of their top players for the first four games of the season.