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Good Evening

This time, Brett Favre means it!! ... er

Amidst reports that Brett Favre has decided to retire — again — speculation already persists that the 40-year-old quarterback will, in fact, be back for a 20th NFL season.

And why not? Favre has retired twice before, only to unretire both times. So what's a third time? 

Favre tearfully bid farewell to the NFL in 2008 when he said in a news conference in Green Bay that he was done playing. Within a matter of weeks, he was waffling on the decision, and by early August, he was wearing a Jets' uniform.

After leading the Jets to a 9-7 record but failing to make the postseason, Favre again retired, saying that surgery to repair his biceps would prevent him from playing again. And then — voila! — he decided within a few months that he wanted to play again. All this, of course, after he had wriggled free of his contract with the Jets.

So last August, he came back with the Vikings, leading Minnesota to the NFC Championship Game. A late Favre interception allowed the Saints to tie it in regulation, and New Orleans went on to beat the Vikings in overtime. Two weeks later, the Saints won the Super Bowl over Indianapolis.

Favre underwent ankle surgery in May, and offered some hints that he wouldn't be physically ready to play this season. While he offered no definitive word on his status, it was widely assumed he'd be back.

And I still think he'll be back, even though the buzz now is that he's done. I mean, with his track record, how can you not think he'll be back? We've been down this road before ... and before that ... and before that.

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