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Tony Dungy pooh-poohs NY/NJ Super Bowl

There's plenty of mixed reaction to the idea of an outdoor Super Bowl in 2014 now that the New York/New Jersey bid was approved by NFL owners, and former Colts Super Bowl winning coach Tony Dungy is among the doubters.

Dungy said weather shouldn't be a factor in the outcome of the biggest game in the sport.

"You get to a Super Bowl and you want to put your best foot forward," Dungy said today on The Dan Patrick Show, via "If you win the game or you lose the game you don't want it to be because of weather conditions."

Dungy has experienced weather-related issues in the Super Bowl, as his Colts beat the Bears in Super Bowl XLI despite a steady rain in South Florida.

"We dealt with some rain in Miami and it happens — it's something coaches deal with — but I just think New York in February, you know there's going to be some weather issues," he said.

Dungy is also not happy with the league's decision to retain the sudden death overtime format in the 2010 regular season, while changing the format in the playoffs. Under a rule approved by owners at their March meetings, each team will get at least one possession in overtime unless the team receiving the opening kickoff scores a touchdown or the defense scores a touchdown on the opening series.

"If it's a bad rule in the regular season it's a bad rule in the playoffs," Dungy said. "I, for one, would not want to have the first time I had to make those decisions as a coach be in a playoff game or possibly the Super Bowl."

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