I can't ever recall a more difficult deliberation than the one I had to make before casting my vote for the Associated Press Most Valuable Player.

Most years, it's a no-brainer, or at least a more clear-cut situation than the one presented this year.

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Charles Woodson or Darrelle Revis. Very, very tough call - even if the vote went resoundingly in Woodson's favor. Of the 50 media members casting their votes, Woodson won by a 2-1 margin - 28-14 - over Revis.

In reality, the difference between the two was much closer than that.

Here's my column in today'sNewsday with more details on how Revis and Rex Ryan reacted to the decision, and what the difference came down to with my vote.

(My decision will obviously not be a popular one among Jets fans. In fact, I've already received an e-mail today that read: "Clearly you do not know your football. I will never read another article of yours.")