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Two draft prospects failed drug tests at the combine

Jonathan Dwyer Running Back - Georgia Tech 5'11,

Jonathan Dwyer
Running Back - Georgia Tech
5'11, 229 lbs, 4.64
Analysis: Played in the triple option for the Yellow Jackets and has proven he can handle running between the tackles. His combination of size and quickness makes him difficult to tackle.
Photo Credit: AP

A 1,300-yard running back and a blue-chip tight end appear on the (supposed) confidential list of failed NFL Scouting Combine drug tests, according to Jay Glazer and Alex Marvez of

Georgia Tech RB Jonathan Dwyer, who rushed for 1,394 and 1,393 yards the past two seasons with 27 TDs, tested positive for amphetamines, while USC tight end Anthony McCoy, who caught 22 passes for 457 yards and a TD in 10 games last season, tested positive for marijuana.

Dwyer, a 5-11, 229-pound bowling ball of a back, isn't likely to be negatively affected by the positive test. A source told Fox Sports the positive test was triggered by a prescription medication Dwyer (pictured) takes to help manage Attention Deficit Disorder.

“The NFL knew this going into the Combine,” the source said. “Every NFL team is aware of the medication he takes and the confirmation from all the [NFL] doctors involved. Some NFL players take the same medication.”

Another source said McCoy's representatives revealed the positive test a few weeks ago to some NFL teams in order to perform due diligence in the scouting process. They believed honesty was the best policy.

The only problem for McCoy, a 6-5, 250-pounder, is that tight end is a deep position in this year's draft with potential first- and second-round prospects like Jermaine Gresham (Oklahoma), Rob Gronkowski (Arizona) and Jimmy Graham (Miami), among others.

But the positive test may not deter some teams from taking McCoy. Remember, Percy Harvin also failed a drug test because of marijuana. He did just fine in his first season in the pros.

David Cornwell, the NFL Players Association Executive Director, is upset the results were leaked yet another year.

"It is outrageous that nobody is outraged that Combine drug test results were leaked again his year," Cornwell wrote in an e-mail to "It is almost cruel that [Dwyer] has to endure public discussion about private medical information. This is not a case where there are multiple, potential sources for the leak. The Combine drug test results are released to NFL teams only.  Therefore, it is beyond reasonable doubt that the results were leaked by an NFL team. If teams cannot limit the use of confidential information to its intended purpose — to inform internal draft decisions — then the NFL should stop testing draft eligible players."

A little too aggressive of a stance, but I see his point.

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