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Vote of confidence for Sullivan

Indianapolis - This wasn't the statistic that Giants quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan wanted to see at the end of the season, but  no one was blaming Sullivan for Eli Manning's career-high 25 interceptions in 2010. 

Least of all Manning, who recently took the blame for the interceptions. Now it's head coach Tom Coughlin who has offered a vigorous defense of Sullivan. 

"Mike Sullivan is a very, very good football coach," Coughlin said. "He's very smart, very organized, he’s very technically savvy. Like young people today are, they’re very much up on all of the technology available to them in terms of how they teach and how they utilize it in the meeting room. He has a very good rapport with Eli. Yeah, we’ve got a lot to prove. We’ve got a lot of areas that can improve and I believe will improve. But the continuity factor for our coaching staff I think was very important at this point in time, and I do believe the improvement will be there." 


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