HOUSTON — Eli Manning is a finalist for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award for the second straight season. But he doesn’t care if he wins.

“It’s not like winning a Super Bowl,” Manning said on Friday. “If you’re just considered, it’s good and it’s good enough. It’s not like if you win it you can say: I don’t have to do anymore charitable work and I’ve reached my goal. My award is seeing the results, the research, the funding, the children’s smiles and the difference you make in the community.”

That’s why he is a finalist — and the odds-on favorite, if there is one, to win the award when it is presented on Saturday at the NFL Honors show — among a trio that also includes Greg Olsen and Larry Fitzgerald Jr.

Manning has worked with charities such as the March of Dimes, Guiding Eyes for the Blind, American Red Cross and the Scholastic’s ClassroomCare program. He and his wife also founded the Eli and Abby Manning Children’s Clinics in Jackson, Miss.

But his current project is his involvement with “Tackle Kids’ Cancer,” an initiative with Hackensack University Medical Center. In addition to raising money and awareness, Manning spends time with patients and doctors at the hospital’s pediatric cancer center.

“I’ve just been involved in children’s charities for a long time and helping children,” Manning said on Friday. “That’s the main focus and concern. I think that was the toughest thing for me to see, but also that’s what makes you want to help those kids and those families that are going through it. It definitely has changed my perspective the last couple years having kids of my own. I think I used to just look at the child and say I want to help them. Now, I look at the child and the family. I see it from the parent side of it and what they’re going through to have a child that’s sick and in hospitals. I know they want to do everything possible to get that child well. I look at it from that aspect. I put myself in their shoes and what you’d be doing if that was your child that was sick. You want to do anything possible to make sure they have the best research, medicine, hospitals and service they can get. That’s what drives me to try and help them.”

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The award? That’s for others.

“For the Giants, they’ve never had a Walter Payton Man of the Year Award winner for the organization,” Manning said. “That would be special. Just to be recognized for the works, it’s always nice.”