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We want you: Star in a Newsday fantasy football video series

Actor Stephen Rannazzisi in a scene from

Actor Stephen Rannazzisi in a scene from "The League" on FX. Credit: FX / Ray Mickshaw

Are you in the best fantasy football league on Long Island? 

Newsday is looking for a group of fantasy football players worthy of camera time for the upcoming NFL season.

Does the winner of your league receive something comparable to the Shiva Trophy from “The League”? Does the loser have to get an embarrassing tattoo like in the “Tattoo League” of Matthew Berry’s “Fantasy Life”? From intense in-person drafts to severe punishments for the loser, we’d like to chronicle it for a video series.

Send your league’s stories, rituals, history, etc., to Casey Musarra at and/or fill out the form below.

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