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Where does Tim Tebow wind up?

amNY -- Tim Tebow

amNY -- Tim Tebow Credit: Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos. (Getty Images)

The fallout from Peyton Manning choosing to sign with the Broncos will most directly affect Tim Tebow. Denver is now expected to trade the quarterback who led the team to the playoffs and created a huge stir among the Broncos' fan base. Dubbed "Tebowmania," there was no more popular figure in the NFL last year. 

But Tebow's time is now up in Denver, and John Elway, who always seemed uncomfortable with showering Tebow with the same praise as legions of Broncos fans, will look to trade the former first-round pick. 

There won't be a huge market for a quarterback whose passing skills remain suspect, but  you should look to the state of Florida to find the two potential destinations. The Dolphins swung and missed on Manning - not to mention Matt Flynn, Jim Harbaugh and Jeff Fisher - and are now looking for a quarterback. They visited with 49ers free agent Alex Smith over the weekend. 

But Tebow, the former University of Florida star quarterback, remains immensely popular in Florida and would undoubtedly be a huge hit among at least a singificant portion - if not the majority - of Dolphins fans. He'd surely be attractive to team owner Stephen Ross, who has taken a public beating with his inability to attract big-time players and/or coaches to the Dolphins. 

The other Florida team that could have an interest, albeit potentially not as significant as the Dolphins, is Jacksonville. Tebow grew up there and would return to a hero's welcome if the Jaguars traded for him. But it's questionable whether the Jaguars would make that move. They drafted Blaine Gabbert in the first round last year and signed former Dolphins starter Chad Henne to serve as his backup and potentially compete for the starting job. 

It is apparent the coaches and front office aren't crazy about Tebow, but the wild card here is new team owner Shad Khan, who purchased the team earlier this year from Wayne Weaver. Khan has said he will not meddle in football affairs, but it may be tempting for him to intercede on this one. After all, Tebow would not only create more interest in the Jaguars, he'd put more fans in the seats and more money in the owner's pocket. 

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