In the wake of Texans linebacker Brian Cushing's four-game suspension for violating the NFL's steroids policy, the issue of whether he should be stripped of his NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year award has become a major topic of discussion.

As I wrote Saturday, I believe that he should indeed have the honor taken away, especially in light of the fact that he admitted he initially tested positive for taking a banned substance last season. ESPN's Adam Schefter adds this morning that Cushing actually tested positive in September, at the very start of the season.

Several different organizations honor players with postseason awards, but it's the Associated Press awards that are generally considered the most coveted. They're voted on by a panel of 50 media members from across the country.

Full disclosure: I am a voter, and I voted for Cushing.

But I now believe Cushing should have that honor taken away because of the positive test and suspension, and that the award should be given to Bills safety Jairus Byrd, who finished second in the AP voting.

AP Sports Editor Terry Taylor told me a few minutes ago that the issue of retroactively removing an honor has never been brought up, but that Cushing's situation requires further discussion.

"The awards are based on on-field performance," she said. "There's nothing that says if you're slapped with something, we'll go back. But I think there should be a discussion on this. The circumstances are different. I think we need to have a disucssion and say exactly where we're going with this."

Taylor has already initiated discussions with her staff, and could today decide whether there will be a move to take the award away from Cushing.

It's our hope that other voters come forward and make their feelings known on the subject. Peter King has already weighed in in today's Monday Morning Quarterback, and he agrees the award should be rescinded.

My hope is that by the end of the week, there will be a consensus among voters to do the same. A player who has gained an unfair advantage by using performance enhancing drugs shouldn't be rewarded, and Cushing is no exception.

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Time to take the honor away and give it to Byrd.