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Will we see a mini-strike in 2010?

We all know about the looming NFL lockout of 2011. But what about the strike in 2010? 

With more than 200 players falling into the restricted free agent category now that unrestricted free agency goes from four to six years, don't discount the possibility of a massive number of contract holdouts this summer if teams don’t re-sign these players to long-term contracts.

Among the group of big-nameplayers the new free agency rules are affecting: Jets receiver Braylon Edwards (pictured), Broncos Pro Bowlers Elvis Dumervil (linebacker) and Brandon Marshall (receiver), and Texans Pro Bowl linebacker DeMeco Ryans.

This is where the effects of the lack of a salary cap could have the greatest impact this year. As one general manager explained it to me, he believes this could amount to a strike by these players. The GM said he believes — as do others around the league — that most of these players will be given one-year contract tenders and will not be re-signed to longer-term deals because of labor uncertainty.

"The first mini-strike could be the restricted free agents not coming to training camp," the GM said. "I personally think it's not in their best interests to do that, but I think that's what you'll see." 

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