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Francesa roster to add 2 in February

WFAN's Mike Francesa and his wife are expecting twins in


"Right after the football season," said Francesa, 50, who grew up in Long

Beach and lives in Manhasset with Roe, his wife of four years, who grew up in

the Smithtown area.

He disclosed the news yesterday during his afternoon sports talk show with

Chris Russo. "We found out about the twins [fraternal, not identical] six weeks

ago. I'm overjoyed," Francesa said after yesterday's show. "Family and friends

knew, but I hadn't made anything public because we wanted to be sure about the

twins' health.

"The plan was to let listeners know in early September, then [Don] Imus

mentioned it on his show this morning and asked me afterward if it was a


The Francesas have no children, so Russo gleefully tweaked his on-air

partner for the last 15 years by asking him about future Lamaze classes and the

delivery room. "Now you'll have to work until you're 80," kidded Russo, who

has three small children and has kept the information about the Francesas

private for about a month.

Francesa said he hopes for a boy and girl and admitted he was partial to

the names Jack and Casey. He predicted he wouldn't change diapers, but could

handle the middle-of-the-night feedings. "One in each arm, watching

'SportsCenter,'" he said.

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