I'll take the job as Tiger Woods' swing coach. So will you, so would anyone with a brain. Not to take anything away from Hank Haney's devoted career to his craft, and his great knowledge of the golf swing. But come on.

In the words of my friend Bob Bubka, the Eastern Long Island native who travels the tour as a broadcaster and golf commentator, "He could make Bob Bubka his coach and he is going to win tournaments." And Bob Bubka would be rich and famous.

No doubt Haney helped Tiger win those six majors in the past six-plus years. No doubt Butch Harmon helped Tiger before that. But I think Woods could do just fine with any of us "coaching" him. Regardless of this massive bump in the road with regard to his life, the guy is an amazing talent with an incredible work ethic. He is going to win majors with or without Haney, Harmon or whoever comes next.

Harmon, who now coaches Phil Mickelson, was viewed by Tiger as having taken too many bows for Tiger's success. I do not disagree with him on that.

Go into Golfsmith or some other golf shop and look at all the Hank Haney products. I nearly bought one of those Hank Haney portable indoor putting surfaces myself. The man did OK, thanks to Tiger.

What's really strange about Haney's resignation yesterday is that it is another glimpse into the chaos that Woods' life has become. Only yesterday, at a news conference in Pennsylvania, as he denied that his neck injury occurred as a result of the SUV accident late Thanksgiving night, Woods said that he planned to stay with Haney. The question came up because there had been rumors of a rift between player and coach over the past two weeks, and Woods' game was about as bad as anyone remembers having seen it. Was it the disc in his neck or was it his head?

It looks like he got through the Masters on adrenaline. He didn't have adrenaline or much of anything going when he missed the cut at Quail Hollow and then withdrew Sunday at The Players. It sure will be interesting to see how he looks at the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach, if he plays.

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Where is his stability now? The marriage does not seem like an anchor, whether or not you believe the reports that he was served with divorce papers last week? What sort of therapy has he actually been involved in and where does he go with it? Aside from his agent and PR person, to whom does he go for good, sound advice?

His image is still taking a beating, what with the obvious jokes on late night TV about his bulging disc.

I don't know that he needs a swing coach as much as he needs a mentor, an avuncular advisor, a good friend who doesn't need anything from him except friendship.