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Contrived course is recipe for a goofy finish

      Pete Dye, designer of Whistling Straits, on The Golf Fix on Golf Channel: if they did not let spectators walk through bunkers "you'd have no gallery at all."

       That's the rub.  Whistling Straits is the absolute worst course in tournament golf for walking spectators. You're lucky if you don't twist your ankle or fall and break your wrist.

           They shouldn't have major championships there. The only reason they do is that it looks nice on TV. It wasn't particularly tough or memorable for pure golf. It just looked nice, with this contrived Scottish links architecture on soft ground. What happened yesterday was the inevitable downside. Viewers won't remember the pleasant views, they'll remember the tainted, bizarro  finish.

         Yes, it was Dustin Johnson's fault for not knowing the rules that were posted everywhere, including the locker room mirrors. His caddie takes blame too.

           But if you can't tell a bunker is a bunker by looking at it, and if spectators are standing in it while a golfer is trying to win a major championship, something is wrong.  What's wrong was the course.


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