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Did winter storms hurt Long Island golf courses?

       Just when the scent of spring had us all looking to dust off our clubs, we get another few inches of snow on all of the Long Island golf courses today. The question is, how much damage did the brutal winter do to our fairways and greens?

        A couple of big-time LI superintendents I saw over the winter said that the snow cover actually is a good insulator from the ravages of winter. But they added that ice is a real killer.

        Even before today's snowfall, the USGA sent out a directive Friday about preliminary studies of damage in the Northeast. It appears that there has been some, at least on the courses that have made early attempts to check. It's not the scent of spring they smelled, either. They said a foul odor coming from a section of grass under the snow/ice is a bad sign and that has been witnessed at some courses (it was not revealed if any of those were on Long Island). They say that gases percolate and get trapped under ice, especially on greens.

       I guess we'll know once things start to thaw.

       We'll check on this once we start up LI Golfbeat for the season, which won't be long from now.

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