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Good argument the other way on Tiger


         I'm on record saying that the Masters is a good place for Tiger Woods to make his return. It's safe for him. It's not something the Masters can't handle. The tournament won't be overwhelmed, etc.

       But I was intrigued by the arguments made in exactly the other direction by Mike  Walker, senior editor at He metnions that he is not an Augusta National apologist. He believes the club should admit women and that they were way too slow to admit African Americans. But he adds that there is no better run event in sports. There is an air of class and charm about the Masters that is priceless and timeless.

       He goes on to say that the Woods saga is timely, in a negative way. He calls it "sports at its worst: a narcissist athlete with an alarming sense of entitlement; a craven, parasitic media; and a miasma of slime covering everyone involved."

     The spectacle that is about to unfold might not be so pretty. I have to admit, he makes a good point.



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