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Have a caddie story?


       One of the caddies at Cherry Valley Club will give his name only as "G-Man." He says he got started by getting in trouble. He was a student at Hempstead High, jumped the fence and wound up at Hempstead Country Club. He was so intrigued, he was caddying a week later.

           "I would say you have to love the game," he said. "You have to want to know, want to learn."

           Read about him, his fellow Long Island caddies and the Keith R. Cerrato Memorial Golf Tournament--a de facto caddies championship--in LI Golfbeat Sunday.

            It can be a good gig, considering that Tiger Woods' caddie Steve Williams is among the highest paid athletes in New Zealand. "A good caddie at a local club is one things, a caddie on Tour knows a lot more. The knowledge is more broad," said Romel Velazquez, a caddie at Garden City Country Club, who played in the Cerrrato event.

          And share a story you have of having caddied or had one carrying your bag.

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