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He had it in his pocket

It took one bounce, and went in.

All golfers have witnessed or heard about a shot like that, but it's unlikely they have experienced it the way Tom McMahon of Blue Point did recently. He was playing the 15th hole at Bellport Country Club when another member of his foursome hit a 20-yard pitch. McMahon felt the ball graze off his hip, but that was it. He joined the rest of his group in trying to find the errant shot. They had no luck.

Then McMahon happened to reach into his pocket.

He pulled out a ball and asked the other golfer, "Are you playing a Titleist with a green dot?"

Sure enough, there it was.

"Not quite a hole-in-one," McMahon said in an email, "but a once-in-a lifetime shot."

It is and it isn't

Seawane Club head pro Jim Lusk pointed out that the 61 reported by Joe Costello on the course recently is not a course record and is not even considered an official score. He didn't dispute that Costello made 11 birdies, but he did point out that it occurred during an outing under a scramble team format. Rob Labritz, the low club pro at the 2010 PGA Championship holds the course record with a 66.

Costello, who is president of the Long Island Senior Golf Association, said he never claimed to have set the record, but added that his ball was the one used throughout the team's round.

Shon wins junior

Kelly Shon of Port Washington won the Girls Division of the American Junior Golf Association tournament in Kingsmill, Va. this week. Annie Park of Levittown finished fourth.

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