Matt Lowe of Farmingdale, who at 13 last spring was the youngest player to try to qualify for the U.S. Open. He had that distinction only because he was just a few months younger than Jim Liu of Smithtown. Both played well at the local qualifier at Cherry Valley in Garden City, even though neither made it to the next round.

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           According to USGA records, both have entered again. Both are scheduled to play in the Long Island local U.S. Open qualifier Wednesday at Noyac  Golf Club in Sag Harbor. We'll be there following them as they try to do what former major leaguer and future Hall of Fame pitcher John Smoltz couldn't. Smoltz didn't make it past local qualifying for the Open Monday.

           Neither Lowe nor Liu is close to being the youngest entrant this year. Ten-year-old Mick Huffman of Maurice, La. has that honor.