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Like Tiger's family, golf will endure


           That was an interesting development, the report in People magazine that Elin wants to make a go of it with Tiger for the family's sake. I think most people will agree that, if the couple can make it work, it will be best for everyone, especially the two children.

           As for the sport of golf, it will be just fine. Tournaments and the PGA Tour in general, and its TV partners all will take a huge hit without him. But is that the worst thing that ever happened? Pro golf always was a niche sport and it got along for decades before Woods. The caterwauling that made it seem as if all pro courses would be turned into sheep grazing grounds without him was a little exaggerated. It won't hurt the rest of the golfers, and commissioner Tim Finchem, to tighten their belts for a bit.

            Wouldn't it be something if this caused some of the pros who have been living off Woods' star power for years to realize that they had better do more of the heavy lifting? It would be nice if the big-money top tier of golfers started playing in the second tier of Tour events, realizing that those tournaments helped fed their golden goose.

           Besides, can you just imagine what the TV ratings and media attention and public interest will be like when Woods does come back from his reported sex addiction rehab? Off the charts.


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