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Lorena: Hello, Goodbye


          Lorena Ochoa began her news conference today as politely as she always does: "Hello everybody." Then she said goodbye to golf.

           She announced her retirement, first to the media in Mexico, her home country, then in a media conference conducted by the LPGA.

           Ochoa is leaving golf when it seems like she had barely started, at 28--the same as the great amateur Bobby Jones did. She said she will play in a tournament in Mexico next week, and will play once every year in her own invitational. Jones played annually in the tournament he founded, The Masters.

           She did not spell out any specific plans, but did say, "For sure this is a special day for me. I've been waiting for this time and this is the way I dreamed it. I got here early in the morning and because of the news, everybody had an idea that I was going to announce my retirement, and take a little bit the whole idea and reasons why I'm doing this at this time and for my career." 

           Spending more time with her family was one of her major emphases.

          Summing it up, she said, "I'm ready to start a new life. You know, I just want to be a normal person."

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