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Lowe's comments on first MGA win


            Matt Lowe of Farmingdale won the Metropolitan Golf Association/Met Life Boys Championship Friday, defeating David Lee-Tolley of New York City, 7 and 6. Lowe, then 13, was the youngest entrant in the country for the 2009 U.S. Open qualifying process and won the Nassau high school title this year as an eighth grader. “I weighed about 110 last year, and was 5’2”. This year I’m 5’6” and am up to about 128,” he said. “It’s made golf a lot easier. I used to have par fours that I couldn’t reach, and now that’s not really the case.”


            “I was really busting my drives today, and that helped me because I had wedges and short irons into most of the par fours,” said Lowe. “That was the biggest difference in the [final] match.”


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