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Michelle Wie has Soul (the car)


           For the LPGA it's great to be back in the States. The tour has its first event of the season on U.S. soil this week, the Kia Classic at La Costa in Carlsbad, California.

           This is a pivotal year for the LPGA, but then again they all are. The tour is always trying to define and improve its image. This time, it can bank a little on Michelle Wie, who proved last year that she can win. She might be on the way to big things and could be a personality on which the LPGA can grow.

          At her news conference yesterday, she said she is pumped for this event especially because she actually drives a Kia.

           "I drive a Soul. It’s just a really cool car, and to be associated with a really cool company like that is a great honor. I think it’s really cool that the first tournament in the United States is sponsored by Kia," she said. Adding, about the Soul model from Kia: "I have one that they made especially for me. It’s black and has a dragon on the side with black rims. The interior is red, so it’s Stanford colors – it’s really cool."



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