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Only in golf: Brian Davis' admission


           Whatever you want to say about golf, good or bad, it sure is different. And in this case, different in a good way. Brian Davis was in a playoff for the Verizon Heritage tournament title--one that could affect his career. Maybe he wasn't going to win anyway, but he saw what he saw and he called a two-stroke penalty on himself.

            That is the best part of golf. Davis saw that he hit a twig as he attempted to hit a ball from the reeds onto the green. There was no way he could ignore it, especially in this age when every shot is subject to a TV closeup. Viewers would call in if the player didn't do it himself. It just looks better when the player does it.

           Davis knew he was done when he called the penalty. There was no way he could beat Jim Furyk. "I thought I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. And I thought we’d check on TV, and indeed there was movement,” Davis told reporters afterward.

            Furyk admitted it was "awkward" to win that way and it was "awkward" for Davis to lose that way.

          Yes and no. It was awkward at the moment, but in the big picture, it was just golf.



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