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Poll: Pros skeptical of Tiger


         An interesting anonymous poll of PGA Tour pros shows that a solid majority believe Tiger Woods when he says he never took performance enhancing drugs or human growht hormone--but 24 percent believe that he did take them.

            The results are in the survey conducted by, which is a cooperative between the staffs of Sports Illustrated and Golf magazine. Only eight percent of the pros said they had heard anything about Woods' secret lifestyle before the sex scandal broke with the SUV crash late Thanksgiving night. Amazingly, regardless of all the acclaim Woods receives, 10 percent of the pros believe he is the most underrated golfer on tour.

          93 percent believe Phil Mickelson is the second-best golfer of the Woods era. Amusing were the responses about the probability of certain players winning a major. 90 percent believe Lee Westwood will win one. Only 49 percent believe Adam Scott will.  To the question, "Will Ian Poulter win a major?" only 44 percent said yes. One unidentified player said, "I hope not."

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