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New training glove by LI inventor helps golfers get a grip on swing

Bob Chorne has developed a six-fingered glove as

Bob Chorne has developed a six-fingered glove as a golf training device of sorts. Credit: Bob Chorne

Robert Chorne is at it again. The Baldwin Harbor resident and owner of Nassau Golf in Freeport has been in the business for decades and has come up with a series of innovations in club and putter designs, and training aids.

His latest brainchild is his 6 Finger Tour Edition Golf Glove, meant as a training aid to achieve optimum grip control. And you wear it on the opposite hand — a righthanded player would wear it on his right hand, with the thumb of the lead left hand sliding into the sixth finger.

 “I was hitting balls one day and I dropped the club slightly at the top,” said Chorne, who felt his hands coming apart at the top of the swing. “I took [a] righthanded glove and lefthanded glove to my shoemaker. We sewed it up. I went back to my place and hit with it, and it was incredible.”

Chorne came out with the Nassau Cavity Back Driver in 1991, taking a chunk out of the back of the clubhead to redistribute weight to what he thought was a more efficient part of the club. He used the same weight redistribution principle for his  CBI Tour Edition Irons. Nassau’s Tour Edition Target Alignment System was used by many PGA Tour and Senior Tour players.

Now he wants you to get a grip. The six-finger glove is meant to put a player’s hands in the right place to begin with, and keep them there throughout the swing.

“I used it one day and it changed me back to when I was a kid as far as not dropping the club at the top, connecting your hands throughout the swing,” Chorne said. “You can feel your trail hand go right through the ball.”

It took a while to come up with the ideal configuration and fit after his shoemaker first put the prototype together.

“I made several iterations,” Chorne said. “I added stretch material, and added stretch-fit technology, you are able to slip your thumb in no matter what size you are.”

A couple of Long Island pros can see the benefit of it.

Eisenhower Park head pro Bob Posillico said, “It gets the two hands in the right position relative to each other. It forces your hands in the right spot.”

Said Darrell Kestner, the pro at Deepdale in Manhasset, “Losing your grip at the top of the swing or at the bottom is a big flaw. People who lose their grip at the top, that’s a factor of regripping, so it kind of helps to control that. And at the bottom, keeping that right hand on there."

Chorne says he’s sold about a 1,000 of the gloves that are manufactured in Pakistan. He’s not bashful about it’s usefulness. 

“You get a feeling with this, even if you are an avid golfer, that you never got in your life,” Chorne said.



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