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Stricker on track for a major


           Last spring, when it seemed like everyone in North America wanted the opinion of Bethpage head pro Joe Rehor on who would win the U.S. Open on the Black Course, Rehor told everyone that it would be Steve Stricker. The rationale was that Stricker hits it straight and that he is a good putter. An excellent recipe for the Black (and just about anywhere else).

        Stricker didn't get into contention in the wacky, rain-besotted, stop and start Open. That kept his lifelong streak intact of never having won a major. But I agree with Rehor that he is bound to win one, one of these days.

         His win in Los Angeles last week, at Riviera, which sort of a major-type course in that it is interesting and challenging, made him the No. 2 ranked player in the world. At this rate, he is going to challenge Sergio Garcia for that heavy mantle of Best Player Never to Have Won a Major.

       Stricker's game is solid. Hanging on to win at LA showed that his confidence is getting there, too. Look for him to win a major, if not this year, then next.

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