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Tiger's return still up in the air


         Tiger Woods does not rule out playing golf this year, but there is no telling when that will be. So the anticipation will just keep building. Because he said he is headed back to rehab, it does not look like he will be ready to play any time soon. The Masters is not all that likely.

           The major theme was contrition. He repeatedly said he was sorry--to his family, to the people in the room, to his millions of followers.

          His wife Elin was intrinsic in the statement, but was not among the 40 people in the room. His mother was there, in the front row.Woods referred to the Buddhist faith she had instilled in him and that he had lost track of those principles, which guide him to stop following his impulses and to learn restraint.

            It was good that he acknowledged that he had felt that he was entitled to take whatever pleasures his fame and money offered and that he felt the normal rules of society didn't apply to him.

           He spoke of having to change. But it's not clear that he will be any more open. He was borderline angry when he talked of the photographers who followed his daughter to school.

            Overall, the 13 1/2 minutes were about what you'd expect, they were a good start in his way back to public life. But as he admitted, he has a long way to go

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