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Tiger Woods with late tee time today

        Tiger Woods tees off at 1:48 p.m. today, which is good news for the people who like to watch him. There will be a lot of Tiger on the telecast (unlike the U.S. Open, which is on TV all day, the Masters limits TV time to the late afternoon). It also probably is good for him.

         Phil Mickelson, who had that 1:48 time yesterday, says he likes as late a tee-off as possible because the weather tends to grow very calm late in the afternoon. Mickelson hits it at 10:30 a.m. today.

          It's interesting that there isn't the same chaos revolving around Woods' threesome at the Masters as there is at other tournaments, especially other majors. There is just a different air here--very enthusiastic, but not nearly as boisterous. And, most pivotally, there is no racing by spectators to the green or next tee here at Augusta National because the Masters enforces a rule for "patrons" that strictly prohibits running on the course. True story.

          Anyway, it will be interesting to see if the late time inspires Woods to go really low, which he will have to do one of these days to get a win here. Mickelson pointed out, of course, that if you're playing late in the day on the weekends, you're in great shape (you're either in or near the lead).\

         By the way, former Long Islander Arjun Atwal is in the very last group of the day, right after Woods at 1:59.


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