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Clear 29° Good Afternoon
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It's going to rain Saturday, but when?

Rain is coming to Bethpage Black today. But when?

Sun prevailed through the clouds early Saturday morning, but forecasters say clouds will begin rolling in after 9 a.m., and we could get a brief shower around noon.

The rain is expected to let up by 1 p.m., but steady rain could being to fall as early at 4 p.m., according to

Things only get worse from there.

By 9 p.m., the chance of rain will hit 100 percent, which means although there is a good chance players can finish the second round today, it's doubtful we'll see much third-round golf until Sunday at the earliest -- and possibly not until Monday.

Sunday's forecast looks even worse: Temperatures are not expected to rise above the high 60s and steady rain is likely all day long.

Get ready for Monday golf, folks.

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