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USGA will send text messages to all players about tee times

Just to make sure that all of the players leave themselves enough time to make it to the first tee for the first round of the U.S. Open Thursday, the U.S. Golf Association announced it was going to text them all Wednesday night.

It will tell them to “be wary of tomorrow morning,” said Jeff Hall, managing director of U.S. Rules and Open Championships. Traffic has been a major issue through the practice rounds.

Rule 6-3 says that if a player is late but arrives within five minutes of the scheduled tee time, he or she can still play but incurs a two-stroke penalty. If they are more than five minutes late, they are disqualified

“There’s certainly an exception to the rule if some exceptional circumstance were to occur,” Hall said. “However, traffic in and of itself is not ‘exceptional.’ ”

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