Here are the results, just in, from the MasterCard Long Island PGA Championship at Glen Head CC.

Quarterfinals Bill Van Orman, Meadow Brook df. Darrell Kestner, Deepdale, 1up Mark Mielke, Mill River df. Jim Farrell, Skydrive GR, 4&3 Jeff Warne, The Bridge df. Jim Smoot, Huntington, 2 up Bob Rittberger, Garden City GC df. Scott Ford, North Hills, 4&3

Semifinals Van Orman df. Mielke, 1 up Rittberger df. Warne, 7&6

So it will be Van Orman vs. Rittberger in the final Thursday morning at 8 a.m.

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We'll be there and will let you know what happens here tomorrow.