It is impossible to tell how much we will see of Tiger or when we will see him next. As the Golf Channel analysts so insightfully pointed out last night, you just don't know with him because he plays fast and loose with details.

         Early in the week, he said he was 100 percent in terms of his physical condition. As the week went on at the Players, he said all he needed was additional repetitions. He had to play more.  Then yesterday, as he pulled out of the tournament with a neck injury, he admitted his neck has been bothering him since before the Masters.

          He sure didn't look healthy. You never saw him hit 210-yard popups drives before. And as his embattled swing coach Hank Haney said, Tiger is a tough guy who won the U.S. Open on one leg, so if he had to pull out it had to be pretty bad.

          Maybe Woods believes his stoicism is part of his mystique. It doesn't conform, though, to the new openness he proclaimed when he made his return from the sex scandal.

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           Add the reports that he was served with divorce papers during the tournament--the reports had to be disconcerting whether or not they were accurate--and the picture is one of complete disarray. Maybe it's all part of his regrouping and bouncing back.

           Just don't count him out. He still is the greatest golfer ever, he has good recuperation powers and a strong will. When he's healthy he will resume winning majors, even if his image never is the same.