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What would you ask Tiger?


       Tiger Woods will go in front of a full media group to answer questions on Monday afternoon, April 5. He will lead off the list of Masters news conferences, according to the list released tonight by Augusta National.

          It will be his first full news conference since the SUV crash that led to his rehab and leave from golf. He has set the tone about what questions he won't answer--anything about the crash or about his relationship with Elin or about his therapy. But he won't be at a loss for questions. His timing is different. He always does his news conference on Tuesday mornings at majors. He obviously knows these are different circumstances.

           Don't worry. There won't be softballs. The reporters in that room are very experienced and savvy. Many of them have been waiting a long time to ask him questions. Doug Ferguson of the Associated Press, who probably is as close to Woods as any reporter, said on Golf Channel after the question-less statement on Feb. 19 that he would have asked something to the effect of, "After all the deception, why should anyone believe you now?"

          Good question. Very typical of Doug. And he won't be afraid to ask, believe me.

           As for me, I'm interested in the fact Woods has suddenly brought his Buddhist faith into play. He never, ever would speak about such a thing. Now he says his troubles started when he lost touch with his faith. I'd be interested to know when that happened and will ask that very question if called upon (these news conferences are like the president's; you have to get lucky to have the moderator call on you).

          Seriously, if you were in that press room, what would you ask Woods?


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