Great insight by Golf Channel last night to point out that there is not one male golfer in the world under the age of 30 who has won a major championship. What's with these guys?

        It's partly because Lucas Glover and Trevor Immelman recently turned 30, partly because it has been so hard to beat Tiger Woods, no matter what age you are.

       Still, isn't that 25-29 range supposed to be a prime time?

      I like the explanation that training and practice and instruction have gone wild. Young golfers are interested in finding and making a perfect swing, rather than imagning and executing perfect shots.

       Golf Channel analysts pointed out that there surely still is hope. Phil Mickelson among many others never won a major before the big 3-0.

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         But at a time when golf is looking for someone to carry the load in Woods' absense and when it (like NBC and everyone else) is trying for a younger audience, it sure wouldn't hurt if a young player stepped up.