Good Morning
Good Morning

Will Tiger, and greens, be smoother?


         Tiger Woods will begin his second round today at 11:06 Eastern time. Let's see if he is in a better frame of mind about the greens that he yesterday deemed 'awful."

         Yes, poa annua greens get bumpier as the day goes along. They are bumpy to begin with, as Woods well knows, having played more than a couple rounds here at Pebble Beach. Funny thing, though. All of the leaders played in the afternoon Thursday, as did Tiger, and they found a way to get the ball in the hole--especially Shaun Micheel and Paul Casey.

           As for Woods' complaint that the greens were very good during his practice rounds in the morning, while being not good during his Open round in the afternoon, how about practicing once in the afternoon big fella? Fat chance.

            He did put the heat on himself by not taking any blame for his 3-over par 74. One would assume that he should do great while playing in the morning, 8:06 Pacific time, today. So here goes.

             Woods won't be able to blame the heat, the rain or the sun getting in his eyes. It's another cool, dry, overcast morning.

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