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Southampton-Glenn suspended game to be played Thursday

Tuesday’s Southampton-Glenn baseball game will be resumed Thursday as part of a doubleheader at Glenn. The game, at Southampton, had been stopped after the first inning because of safety issues, according to Section XI executive director Ed Cinelli.

Southampton coach Ike Birdsall has been suspended indefinitely pending an investigation that he allegedly made contact with an official. Birdsall, three Southampton players and two assistant coaches had been ejected before the game was stopped.

The suspended game will resume Thursday at 3:30 p.m. with Glenn leading 5-1. The regularly scheduled game will follow. None of the ejected players or coaches can participate in either game. Junior varsity coach John Loren will coach Southampton.

Birdsall is being investigated for allegedly making contact with plate umpire Fred Musumeci.

Cinelli said the suspension will remain in effect pending a probe and that Birdsall will “be out for a while.”

“We’re investigating his conduct at the end of the contest. The game was suspended for safety issues. We found out the official’s act in regards to the ejections were appropriate.”

Southampton athletic director Darren Phillips said the school is looking into the matter and hopes to act swiftly. “The school will have an internal investigation,” Phillips said. “Then we’ll tell Section XI what our decision is. We’ll be fair and objective. We want to make a decision as quickly as we can, so we’re not in flux every day.”

According to Birdsall, before the game Musumeci inquired about who was pitching and said Musumeci mentioned that one of his pitchers made some comments about the umpire’s tight strike zone in a Newsday story after last season’s Long Island championship against Wheatley.

“I didn’t think anything of it,” Birdsall said. “I thought he was joking.”

The same player that Birdsall said Musumeci had asked about was called out on strikes in the bottom of the first, then walked behind the dugout fence, threw his helmet and was ejected, the coach said.

When reached by phone, Musumeci said, “I can’t comment.”

During the ensuing uproar, Birdsall said, a Mariners player said, “Can’t we just play the game?” and he was tossed out.

When asked about the game, Glenn coach Stephen Robins said, “The umpire called the game because of misconduct on the Southampton players and coaches. He felt the game was unsafe and out of control.”

“I can’t believe all this is happening because an official did a horrible job,’’ Birdsall said.
“We’re walking off the field and I was trying to get in front of him to talk to him. I never anticipated anything like this. I’m happy that we’ll be able to play the game, but I’m dismayed the suspension of the players will hold up.”

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