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Brandon Soedarmasto’s bowling victory will be on ESPN

Division's Brandon Soedarmasto

Division's Brandon Soedarmasto Credit: Patrick E. McCarthy

Brandon Soedarmasto has a good idea of how he’ll occupy himself during the oncoming snowstorm — he’ll watch himself on television.

The Division Avenue High School senior competed in the Teen Masters Grand Championship match in Reno, Nevada, on Dec. 19 and the event will be televised Sunday at 3 p.m. on ESPN as part of the PBA Challenge finals.

Soedarmasto said he won the one-game match, 244-176, against Brigitte Jacobs of Freeport, Illinois. He said he earned a berth into the competition by winning the boys championship at the Teen Masters high school tournament in Las Vegas in early July.

“It was actually pretty cool,” said Soedarmasto, who added that he earned $10,000 in scholarship money between the two events.

“During the summer my parents didn’t come with me to Las Vegas because they couldn’t get off work and in December my dad got the chance to come with me. I got to have a vacation and he got to see me win and that’s the icing on the cake.”

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