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Live from Glens Falls: Class AA championship - CBA beats Hills West, 71-53

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FINAL: CBA 71, Hills West 53.

46.8: Teams continue to foul and exchange free throws. But this one has been over for a while. CBA starters were subbed out to a big ovation. Hills West players have appeared stunned on the bench for much of the fourth quarter. They are holding their heads in their hands.

58.6: Sledge is fouled on his way to basket. Makes two foul shots. CBA 70, Hills West 53.

1:01: Hills West misses and fouls again. Cancer at the line for two. Makes one. CBA 70, Hills West 51.

1:13: Lott makes two foul shots. CBA 69, Hills West 51.

1:35: Chris Cox scores inside. CBA 67, Hills West 51.

2:03: Sledge picks up fourth foul. Weaver makes two free throws for CBA. CBA 67, Hills West 49.

2:10. Chaz Lott makes one of two from the line. CBA 65 Hills West 49.

2:35: Sledge fastbreak layup. CBA 64, Hills West 49.

3:04: Hills West continues to foul. Cancer makes one of two free throws. CBA 64, Hills West 47.

3:16: Blackman with a two. CBA 63, Hills West 47.

3:31: Dan Cusato with a quick two for CBA, CBA 63, Hills West 45.

3:42. McCree with a three for Hills.

3:59: Ritter with two foul shots. CBA 61, Hills West 43.

4:06: Lott makes two foul shots for CBA. CBA 59, Hills West 43.

4:13: Sledge makes one of two free throws. CBA 57, Hills West 43.

4:20: Cancer makes one of two foul shots. CBA 57, Hills West 42.

4:33: Sledge with a three. CBA 56, Hills West 42.

5:05: Ritter makes two foul shots. CBA 56, Hills West 39.

5:09: Sledge makes of two foul shots. CBA 54, Hills West 39.

5:14: Sledge jumper. CBA 54, Hills West 38.

5:33: Blackman for two inside. CBA 54, Hills West 36.

5:48: Tyler Harris gets fifth foul after a missed shot. He’s done also. Reilly makes two foul shots for CBA. CBA 54, Hills West 34.

6:07: Blackman makes two foul shots. CBA 52, Hills West 34

6:31: Weaver for two. CBA 52, Hills West 32:

6:45: Sledge for two. CBA 50, Hills West 32:

6:57: Cancer two foul shots. CBA 50, Hills West 30.

7:17: Blackman makes 1 of 2 foul shots. CBA, 48, Hills West 30

7:32: Ritter gets a three-point play. CBA 48: Hills West, 31.

END OF THIRD QUARTER: CBA 45, Hills West 29.

35.0: Weaver for two for CBA. CBA 45, Hills West 29.

49.9: Sledge called for his third foul. CBA 43, Hills West 29.

1:10: Tobias Harris gets called for fourth foul personal foul during a scramble at midcourt. He wasn’t happy about it and was given a technical foul for his fifth personal foul. He’s done for the game. – Weaver makes two foul shots for CBA. Tobias didn’t directly argue with the refs, but was jumping and showing he was upset. CBA 43, Hills West, 29.

1:23: Sledge steal and two-handed dunk. CBA 41, Hills West, 29.

1:40: Sledge another quick bucket. CBA 41, Hills West, 27.

1:49: Off Hills West missed shot, Krong gets a fastbreak layin, gets fouled for three-point play. CBA 41, Hills West 25.

2:20: Joe Krong scored inside for CBA off a bobbled rebound. CBA 38, Hills West 25.

2:45: Sledge forces steal and gets layup. CBA 36, Hills West 25.

2:56: Sledge picks up second foul.

3:00: Sledge with a quick two. CBA 36, Hills West 23.

3:12: Cancer hits three for CBA. CBA 36, Hills West 23.

3:41: Hills West full time out. CBA 33, Hills West 21.

4:29: Tyler Harris called for charge. His third personal foul. Both Harris brothers have three fouls and they are down 12.

5:00: Sledge blocked on fast break attempt through two defenders and Cancer scores inside on the other end for CBA. CBA 33, Hills West 21

6:00: Off West miss shot, CBA scores with Ritter jumper: CBA 31, Hills West 21.

6:30: Cancer with a two. CBA 29, Hills West 21:

7:08: Sledge gets rebounds, goes coast-to-coast for layup: CBA 27, Hills West 21.

HALFTIME STATS: CBA 27, Hills West 19

Hills West
Field goal %: 26.0
Scoring leaders: Sledge, 9; Tobias Harris, 8
Rebounds: Tobias Harris, 7.
Team rebounds 15
Turnovers: 7

Field goal %: 31.0
Scoring leaders: Ritter, 8; Weaver and Cancer 7
Rebounds: Cancer 6
Team rebounds: 25
Turnovers: 5

HALFTIME: CBA 27, Hills West 19

7.0: Josh Dennis hit a runner for CBA. CBA 27, Hills West 19.

32.3: Tobias Harris picks up third foul on offense. Hooking was the call after two referees met to discuss.

44.1: Ritter makes two foul shots for CBA. CBA 25, Hills West 19. Harris brothers back in.

1:03: Both Harris’ subbed outy. Both still have two fouls.

1:12: Weaver has putback off missed three pointer for CBA. CBA 23, Hills West 19.

1:34: Tobias Harris hacked in the paint going up for a putback. He makes two free throws. CBA 21, Hills West 19.

1:52: Ritter goes 2-for-2 from foul line for CBA. CBA 21, Hills West 17.

2:08: Sledge another fastbreak bucket. Misses foul shot for chance at three-point play. CBA 19, Hills West 17

2:14: Ritter has fastbreak dunk off a Hills West missed shot: CBA 19, Hills West 15

3:02: Weaver banks one in off pass from Cancer. CBA 17, Hills West 15.

3:31: Blackman makes two from the foul line: CBA, 15, Hills West 15.

3:50: Cancer finishes inside for CBA. CBA 15, Hills West 13. 

5:03: Tobias Harris finished fastbreak with a dunk off pass from Sledge. CBA 13, Hills West 13.

5:31: Sledge scores on fastbreak layup: CBA 13, Hills West 11

6:02: Tobias scores inside. CBA 13, Hills West 9.

6:27: Weaver hits a three over Hills West, which came out in a zone. CBA 13, Hills West 7

6:54: Christian Signor hits a three for CBA off the bench. Hills West calls time out. CBA 10, Hills West 7

7:15: Shot clock violation on Hills to start the quarter. Tyler Harris and Tobias Harris both on the floor to start the quarter playing with two fouls. Score still tied at 7.


0.47: Cancer hits a three for CBA. Tied at 7.

1:42: Cancer goes 1 of 2 from foul line: Hills West 7, CBA 3.

2:08: Tobias Harris picks up his second foul while defending in the paint.

2:22: Sledge runs the break for a layin. Misses free throw for chance at three-point play. Hills West 7, CBA 2

2:45: Sledge hits a three. Hills West 5, CBA 2

3:06 left in first quarter: CBA 4, Hills West 2: Ritter opened scoring with a jumper for CBA and Tobias tied it a 2 with two foul shots with 5:53 left. Then Cancer made two foul shots. CBA is having trouble scoring inside. Harris also has one block so far. Tyler Harris has two fouls. 

See photos from Half Hollow Hills West vs. Christian Brothers Academy

* * * 

Greetings from the Glens Falls Civic Center where Half Hollow Hills West (24-1) is looking to complete its quest for a state championship this afternoon against Christian Brothers Academy (23-1) of Albany.

Hills West advanced to today’s Class AA final with a 59-57 win over Rochester East yesterday. Tobias Harris had the winner with eight seconds left. Harris also had 24 points and 18 rebounds. CBA beat Newburgh Free Academy, 60-41, in the other semifinal.

Today’s tipoff is scheduled for 2:45 p.m. Back with updates then. 

Starting lineups

Hills West:
Tobias Harris
Tyler Harris
Tavon Sledge
Emile Blackman
Aaron McCree

CBA (with heights):

Max Weaver, 6-2

Galal Cancer, 6-2

Josh Dennis, 5-10

Kam Ritter, 6-3

Jack Reilly, 6-3

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